Massage Therapists

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Arlene Hulva, LMT

Arlene was initially drawn to massage because of its ability to assist in healing the effects of old injuries as well as manage chronic pain. She eventually learned, however, that the effects of regular massage go beyond just physical healing and was therefore motivated to leave her job in the mental health field and go to massage school.  She graduated from Cortiva-Muscular Therapy Institute in 2009. 

Arlene found the practice of yoga combined with regular massage to be particularly vital in supporting her through the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that are a natural part of pregnancy.  After her first child was born, she was unprepared for the physical, mental, and emotional challenges inherent to the postpartum experience.  Furthermore, she found that there was a void of information and support out there to help new mothers grapple with their shifting roles while recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.  It has therefore become Arlene’s passion to help women continuously rediscover themselves in all aspects of their lives but especially for those navigating the ever changing landscape of the motherhood journey.

Arlene takes the time and energy needed to tailor each session to fit the client's particular physical and emotional needs. She is trained in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Injury Work and Pre and PostNatal Massage.


Caitlin Horigan

Thai Bodywork Certification Levels I & II with ShivaShakti School of Yoga & Healing Arts

Caitlin is a passionate student and teacher of yoga, health, nutrition, and fitness. Since childhood she has enjoyed a variety of fitness activities but it was not until attending Salem State University that she was exposed to yoga. Immediately, she was excited about the prospect of incorporating mindfulness with physical exercise and knew that yoga was unique in this approach. Many years later while living and traveling in Asia she had the opportunity to immerse herself in a one-month intensive practice at the Ashtanga Research Center in Bali. She was initially approached to teach by fellow volunteers in India when observed practicing the Ashtanga Primary Series. Not wanting to disappoint she began teaching simple postures, meditations, and pranayama. Upon returning to the United States she recognized the need for additional training and enrolled in a ten-month Yoga Alliance teacher training program at the Yoga Loft in Wilmington with Jen Ryan. Her teaching is heavily influenced by Ashtanga philosophy and she believes that a proper foundation and understanding of correct alignment is the key to developing a fulfilling and safe practice. Caitlin is looking forward to completing the three year 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training program with ShivaShakti School of Yoga & Healing Arts in March of 2018.