Private Yoga Sessions

Whether our studio schedule doesn’t work for you or you just don’t feel comfortable in a group class, Private Yoga can give you the one-to-one attention conducive to developing a new yoga practice or deepening an established practice.  Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and take your individual body’s needs into account."It is not that the person needs to accommodate him or herself to yoga but rather the yoga practice must be tailored to fit each person." - TKV Diskachar

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Individualized Yoga 

Whether you are recovering from injuries, dealing with chronic pain, or would just prefer some one-on-one instruction before venturing into a group class, individualized yoga accommodates your specific needs in a space that allows for more back and forth discussion and modification than a group class may allow.

duration1 session5-pack
30 minutes$30$125
60 minutes$58$250
90 minutes$85$375
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Pre-Natal Yoga

Pregnancy brings along with it so many physical challenges as the body grows to support the needs of growing another human being.  Prenatal Yoga not only helps a woman to manage the day to day aches and pains during this time in her life, it also prepares her for the arduous physical and mental challenge that is childbirth.  Private Prenatal Sessions are tailored to meet each woman’s individual needs with a balanced blend of strengthening and stretching exercises combined with deep breathing and meditation to help her become more in tune with her body, therefore empowering her to embark on the incredible process of childbirth without fear.

duration1 session5-pack
30 minutes$35$150
60 minutes$65$275
90 minutes$95$425
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Post-Natal Yoga

Find your way back to your mat! There is a lot of support out there for women during pregnancy and much information about parenting but very little focuses on the needs of postpartum mothers.  Most women’s bodies need a lot of time to recover from pregnancy and childbirth but perhaps more importantly, they need the mental and emotional space to take care of themselves, something that becomes much more challenging with a new baby.  Postnatal Private Yoga can give women the chance to take care of her own physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs as well as provide for her a much needed break.  Mothers often feel that they just do not have the time to care for themselves but the truth is that carving out that time for themselves might be exactly what they need to recharge before diving back into mothering.  

duration1 session5-pack
30 minutes$35$125
60 minutes$65$750
90 minutes$95$425