Massage and Bodywork Therapies


Therapeutic Massage

Individualized therapeutic massage can help support your emotional and physical needs whether you are dealing with chronic pain, are recovering from injury, or just need some time for self-care. Individualized Massage Sessions are tailored to meet the physical and emotional needs of each client. Research has shown that massage can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, improve range of motion, and increase endorphins (enhancing the effectiveness of medical treatment) and can also hasten and lead to a more complete recovery from exercise or injury.  Sessions may include elements of the following modalities: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Swedish Massage. Book individual sessions or save time and money in the long run by purchasing multiple sessions at once.

Duration1 session5-pack
30 minutes$30$125
60 minutes$58$250
90 minutes$85$375
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PreNatal/PostNatal Massage

PreNatal Massage: Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life but it is often accompanied by physical aches and pains as the body expands to accommodate the needs of the growing baby. Prenatal Massage can help support a woman through this transitional life experience and allow her to relax and take some time for herself as she prepares for childbirth and motherhood. Massage can also help her become more in tune with her body, empowering her to face the primal task of childbirth without fear.

PostNatal Massage: Having a new baby can be a wonderfully exciting experience but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding as mothers deal with sleep deprivation and keeping up with the care of a newborn and possibly the care of other young children.  Postnatal Massage focuses on the specific needs of the postpartum woman, giving mothers a much needed break and moment of rest so they can rally themselves for the ongoing challenge of motherhood.

Duration1 session5-pack
30 minutes$35$150
60 minutes$65$275
90 minutes$95$425

Thai Bodywork- Nuat Boran

Thai bodywork is a whole-body treatment, traditionally given on a floor mat with clients fully clothed.  It combines passive stretching and movement of joints with several touch techniques and work along energy meridians (called sen in Thai). The whole treatment is a graceful, nurturing, interactive dance that is sensitive to the condition of each person.  The effect of Thai Bodywork is greater flexibility, flow of energy, deep relaxation, and feeling of well being.

The art of Thai bodywork achieves a deep therapeutic effect without harsh physical force through efficient use of movement, conscious touch, breathing and rhythm.  Since it is given on a floor mat with the client fully clothed, practitioners can use their whole body in leverage and interactive work as they move and rock the client into various positions, apply rhythmic touch as well as some cross-fiber stroking of muscle and tendons. The treatment can be vigorous or gentle depending on the need or preference of the client. Always respectful and caring, it is adjustable to suit most clients, young or not-so-young, athlete or spectator.

You do not have to be flexible to receive and enjoy Thai Bodywork, and it does not have to hurt!

Duration1 session
30 minutes$65
90 minutes$85